We are well placed - 2 August 2020

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31 July, 2020

We have spent the last two weeks transitioning to a hybrid model of worship at St David’s. Much preparation has taken place that has enabled us to comply with the Queensland Health directives as well as moving to live-streaming our worship each week. We are on a steep learning curve, and there have been a few bumps on the way. We continue preparations for the sale of two lots of land next to the hall and the planned maintenance and refurbishment inside the church.

Church Development

If you pass the memorial hall, you will see a new “For Sale” sign in front of Lots 48 and 50 Chelmer Street East. You can see the online advertisement at this link.


There is still some work to be completed before any sale can be finalised. We are expecting construction work to begin in mid-August and last about six weeks. This work should not impact on the use of the church hall although there may be increased noise at times. As part of this work an Arborist has been engaged to ensure the well being of the Hoop Pine during construction.

With the excellent progress, we are now making we hope that we will be in a place to proceed with the vital work to care and develop our church building in the latter part of this year.


As part of our return to gathered worship, we have begun live-streaming our Sunday and Wednesday services. It has not always been smooth as we learn to use this technology. I am particularly grateful to the families from our community who are committing to learn and run the equipment during our services. You can access the Live-stream from several different places that include –




Please remember if you would like to attend one of our gathered services we ask that you register thought the parish website or contact the office. These services are at 9.30 am on Sunday and Wednesday.

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Moving closer with small groups

2020 - Article by Lauren Martin and Barbara Newton

This year we have faced many changes and disruptions as to how we have been able to come together as a community. Despite this adversity we have seen some wonderful connections develop between many members of our community, through actions as simple as a phone call, and gathering together with friends to watch online services. We have also seen the rise of the parish phone tree, phone services, bible study and gardening group, and more recently, in-person worship!

As we continue to grow as a community, we acknowledge the importance of feeling connected and a sense of belonging, particularly as we grow in fellowship and faith. One particular area of growth is through small group activities. By spending time with friends we are able to share our stories, and we are able to support one another as we grow in understanding, comfort and confidence, both as a community, and equally as important, as an individual.

Small group activities can take many different forms, and do not have to follow a strictly regimented series of meetings. After all a small group is just a bunch of people spending time together - and we must not lose sight of this! This shared moment may simply be a cuppa and a chat, or perhaps be triggered by common interest (such as our gardening group, or the Stitches group, or even our avid board gamers), prayer, meditation or bible studies. Really the list is endless!

A number of people have mentioned the desire to participate in small groups, with the desire to connect more with each other, and to come together in fellowship and faith. As we continue to grow as a community of fellowship and faith, we would like to reach out to each and every person in our community. If there is something you would like to share with others or are interested in please let us know (you probably are not alone in this interest!). If you are interested in leading or helping to lead a small group, or if you just feel like you want to connect with others, again we are here to help explore ideas and help make this happen.