Tribute to Diane Phillips Bate

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13 May, 2020

Diane Phillips Bate was a much loved and longstanding member of St David's Anglican church. We have been saddened by her passing even while we put our trust in a loving God for her care. Below you will find a tribute written by her loving Husband Phillip that was published in his column "Down the Straight" in Queensland Country Life on 7 May.

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We are well placed - 29 May

When will St David's Chruch be open for public worship again?

This question seems to be what many are interested in getting a straight forward answer. The most straightforward response is that we aim to be ready to hold public worship in mid-July.

The Queensland Government has set out in "Roadmap to easing restrictions" a three-stage process. We move to stage two on 12 June and stage 3 on 10 July. Under the current guidelines, public worship can go ahead under limited circumstances.

We have recently received notification from the Archbishop that "It might be possible for parishes to return to some form of gathered worship" in stage 2. In this circumstance, congregations are limited to no more than 20 people, and people will need to "register" to attend. When the 21st person arrives, they will not be allowed to join. Full participation in Communion remains suspended, and it would seem there will be significant limitations for some time ahead. You will have also heard in the media question about practices such as communal singing, etc.. The wardens and I believe that the requirements to proceed in stage two prevent us from offering public worship during this period.

We do believe that we can begin to offer public worship again following the stage three easing of restrictions on 10 July. Under these guidelines, we can have up to 100 people gathered for public worship following further strict guidelines. There is much for us to do before this date in preparation for us to meet the new context we will face. The following are just some of what is shaping our thoughts in preparation.

- Things will not just return to how they were. Perhaps the most obvious example is the need to provide worship both online and for those in the church. Many of our congregations will remain at risk and will not be encouraged to join gatherings with others.

- Some of those who would generally help lead worship will be in at-risk categories.

- The government may need to impose higher restrictions again if there are further infections in the community.

- We are preparing our church to meet hygiene and physical distancing guidelines.

- We are preparing our church for the necessary technical capabilities to stream worship.

- We continue to seek creative ways to keep our commitment to being a caring community as well as grow in our faith.

- What we choose to do from mid-July needs to be sustainable both within our human and physical resources.

We are well placed to meet these challenges. We are blessed with committed and capable people who partner with me in leading this parish. We remain committed to finding ways to move closer to God and one another that lead to abundant life.

God's Peace