22 May, 2020

We are well placed

We are well placed!

Numerous voices are telling us about the uncertainty that lies ahead in many aspects of our lives. You may be wondering what that means for our Church. What will things look like in two months, six months or next year? I don't have that kind of Crystal ball, but we are well placed to meet the challenges ahead. I think with creativity, courage and God's leading; we can move into the future with hope.

For some time now, we have been preparing to be adaptable. Much of our Mission Action Plan has been formed and implemented with a fundamental understanding of living in rapidly changing times. What we have done over this time to shape our ministry towards being intergenerational, to develop our facilities and to encourage generosity are now proving beneficial. Beyond this, the ministry partnerships we are fostering and use of technology are also showing themselves as providential.

Let me give you a simple example of how our MAP has helped us be well placed. It is clear that when we return to worship together that we will not be able to use prayer or hymn books because of the infection risk they pose. We can be thankful that we have already installed screens that will become even more important to our worship on Sunday mornings.

It seems clear that in the medium term, our worship and ministry will need to adapt. We will need to find ways of living in a world where some can gather, but others will still find themselves at risk. Over the coming weeks, I will continue to share how we are trying to respond and adapt as a church. To express how we will seek ways of moving closer to God and each other for an abundant life.

God's Peace,

Michael Stalley