Three Churches, One Body: An Online, Intergenerational Service

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This Saturday, at 5pm, St Andrew's Indooroopilly, St David's Chelmer and the Parish of Kenmore-Brookfield for Three Churches: An Online, Intergenerational Service.

You can expect a short and engaging service, with everyone thinking about church and God together. The idea is to gather with your household (or with your friends online) for an interactive style of service.

There'll be a competitive trivia quiz - it's general knowledge, so everyone one can play. If you are really competitive, you might like to use a computer and log in to Google, so that you can compete on the YouTube chat line. It will be fun to see how that works! If you don't have a google account or just want to watch, that will work perfectly well too.

An integenerational and interparish panel is going to work through some of the things the Bible says about being the Church. If you'd like to join in, YouTube chat offers that ability too.

And of course, we'll pray together, and go out with some brand new music (from our very own Tim Kelly).

This will be a great way to be one body with the people from our different services, and with our family in our local neighbouring parishes - we'd love to see you there!

Saturday, June 20, 5pm

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This event has ended.

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